• Reading Notes - Factfulness

    TL;DR: 10 instinct that distort our worldview.

  • Whoop here it is!

    One thing I learned really late into the game is that if you want to have results in the gym, the time outside the gym is just as important. Apart from nutrition which I mentioned in a previous post, recovery and workout planning is a key factor in order to achieve results.

  • Design is applied thought and emotion, both are deeply personal

    Is the sum of small correct decisions a good product? Should we strive with each design or product decision to satisfy as many as possible use scenarios?

  • Lifestyle changes that worked out

    What you eat is 70% of the effort. In nutrition you need to separate energy consumption (aka calories) and nutritional value. Bones + Muscles + Fat is what we are made off. To affect muscle mass and size you have to workout, to affect the fat layer you have to watch your nutrition.

  • My perfect smartwatch

    Disclaimer: I am not an professional athlete but I am quite active with a mix of basketball, weightlifting, and cardio.

    During the last years I have had my fair share of activity trackers and smartwatches and I am currently using a Fenix 3 HR . Every one of the devices I had, had some strengths but also a few shortcomings. Here are the things I am looking for in my next perfect smartwatch:

  • Patterns

    I was just visiting them after work to drop off some laundry and say “Hi!”. Turning into the street my parents lived, I almost drove into my father. Hastily he hid something behind his back, then threw it blindly away while simultaneously smiling and trying to steer my attention away from it. He had stopped smoking 2-3 years ago, but apparently when he went for a walk he did a cigarette or two. “Stupid addictions” I said to myself.

  • How to apply for a job

    We have had some job openings lately online, and quite some people applied for them. Given the diversity of quality in these applications I thought I give everyone an inside look about how we handle such email.

  • The dreaded 5%

    We often spend 95% of our time finishing up the last 5% of a task.

    The above is a well known fact in software development. In fact it is one of the most annoying things that can happen during the software development life cycle.

    During the first phase of a new feature/branch/project apparently we can run through miles of code, implement, test, visualize a great deal of complex behaviors yet when we reach this certain threshold our pace comes to a screeching halt.

  • We are meant to pulse

    ...A related danger of the merging of online and offline life, says business thinker Tony Schwartz, is that we come to treat ourselves, in subtle ways, like computers. We drive ourselves to cope with ever-increasing workloads by working longer hours, sucking down coffee and spurning recuperation. But "we were not meant to operate as computers do," Schwartz says. "We are meant to pulse."

  • Book Review - Neuro Web Design

    The first time I was introduced to usability design as a concept and a general idea, was while working with the team behind the SmashingMagazine website. It was not the project we were working on - the job board - but rather the time I spend on their site, and the strict methodological approach they showed to presenting the information to their readers. In fact I firmly believe that their success - and successful they are - was very much fueled by the explicit design decisions they made. Their post about usability related books pointed me to Steve Krugs "Don't make me think!" and to Jacob Nielsens website.