Human nature seems to be a mixture of three opposing and complementary personas. We harbor all three of them, inside of us. Over certain periods of time, only one of them resides on the throne. Ruling our everyday life. The other two in slumber, tired, retrieving their strength in order to claim back the lead role.

I recognize it often inside of myself. Periods of clear mind, of boundless energy, of artistic flair. They interchange each other, not being able to settle in a stable form where they all coexist. Yet they share the throne, always respectful stepping back when one is about to rule.

Every one of us harbors them. Every one a different combination in terms of potency. We all should embrace and nurture them. Dedicate time to our inner scholar. Use our hands to form and please the desire of the artist. Break a sweat now and then to feel the warrior.

There is a reason the triangle is the most stable shape. External forces are distributed evenly. A forgiving shape.

I find myself quite surrounded by triangles. They have served me well.