1980 - 1998

I was born and did spend my childhood years in Rutesheim, a small town in SW Germany.

1998 - 2004

Studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Text based Multi User Dungeons (MUD) took up a big chunk of my time. In order to sound mysterious and well kind of cool, I thought of “Nemlah” as a character name which did stick with me up until today :)

2004 - 2006

A very persistent engineer working back to back with me, insisted on me helping him out with some frontend coding for a fun project he worked on. A price-crawler written in Mono checking most known Greek e-shops and a website with a full text MySQL search engine.
I wasn’t sure about how this would turn out, but boy was this engineer optimistic and energetic. So I jumped aboard.

2006 - 2011

The fun side-project grew into a company. We leave our day jobs in order to focus. Full time front-end engineering, during a period I consider the renaissance of web front-end engineering.


A first acquisition talk. So much learned during this period. Thank god it didn’t worked out!


We name our distinct releases based on characters from the Spaceballs movie. 2012 marks our Helmet release. Responsive designed. Mobile is going to take over the world!


We expand into Turkey. Once again a milestone in terms of lessons learned. Gigantic effort by a brilliant team to change the platform into a turnkey solution. Business wise we are exposed to a plethora of challenges. Sobering experience!


Schwartz release. Based on a specific design philosophy and developed for a multiscreen world. My last work as Head of User Experience and Design at Skroutz.gr.


Taking the plunge and moving fulltime to product management, leaving coding and design behind me. A small team of 4 people we start implementing our marketplace solution.


Most of the groundwork is done. We start expanding the marketplace into new categories. One by one, because each group of categories has its idiosyncrasies. Once again surrounded by a beautifull team. My last assignment as an active member of the Ecommerce Team.


WIP :)