I don’t believe in resolutions. There is no magical switch that I can turn by the end of the year to change my behavior. But I believe in macro steering. In planting a seed inside your head every once in a while. I believe in gratitude, in cherishing what is good in your life.

So here is my list for the next year:

Live moments that are time-bound

One of my most important realizations was that our time on earth is time-bound. If you think of life as a restricted resource you start to think of moments differently. I have roughly 10 more summers with my boys to spend before they will outgrow the family summer vacations. 10 more years where my body will tolerate contact sports at the level I want to play them. 20 more years where my mind will be able to keep up with the world and its maddening pace.

Allow the artist to shine through

In my previous post, I mentioned the trio of personas inside of us. In the first 40 years of my life, the scholar was dominant. I embraced sports more rigorously in the last 3 years, and I think it is time that the artist (whatever the artistic tendency will be) is allowed to step up.

Speak less, do more

I have always been on the border of analysis/paralysis with my choices. I should focus more on just doing, then always trying to find the best thing to do. At some point, time lost in searching for the correct path is better used by traveling down the same.

Take one day at a time

Good things need time. Time needs persistency. Persistency needs patience. By focusing on just doing, day in and day out you can achieve remarkable results over time. The hard thing is not reaching your goal, it is the daily struggle to continue what you started the days before.